2020 Project Awards

Every year our Chapter encourages members to submit their most creative projects to be independently judged (by designers selected from across the country) and possibly be given an award of Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Projects are judged independently against the criteria stated below, and not against other projects, thereby giving every member an opportunity to be recognized for his/her work.  The exception to this is that one Residential and one Commercial project may be chosen for the "Design IMPACT Award."

NEW FOR 2020:  Award winners will be able to submit a verbal (recorded) description of their project (concept, challenges, etc), which will be used in the presentation as well as developed into a social media/link to promote the designer.

Applications & Submissions will be accepted May 15 through July 31.  The entry fee is $65.00 for the first entry, $100 for two entries, and $50 for each additional entry; and there is no limit to the number of projects/categories that can be entered.  Student ASID members may submit their course projects for judging in the "Student Project" category, and the student fee is $30.00 per entry. 

Only current members of the NE/IA Chapter ASID may enter the competition, whether they are entering as an individual practicing interior designer or members of a design team. Each entry must represent an installation completed after January 1, 2017, with the exception of re-submissions. A project that has been previously submitted but has not won a Chapter Award, may be resubmitted for up to three years. Projects receiving prior publicity to the 2019 NE/IA Chapter ASID Project Awards are eligible. Entrants may submit as many projects as desired; however, each project may only be submitted in one category. [EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: The Product, Furniture, or Design Detail category may feature an element from a project that has been submitted to another category; however, different photos must accompany the entry.] If it appears as if one project has been entered in multiple categories, the designer responsible will be asked to choose the most applicable category. As a reminder, entry fees will not be refunded. 

Here are this year's categories:
1. Residential
- Singular Space
- Under 2,500 Square Feet
- 2,500-4,000 Square Feet
- Over 4,000 Square Feet

2. Contract
- Corporate
- Healthcare
- Hospitality
- Retail

3. Product, Furniture or Design Detail

4. Student Project 

Judges will be considering the following criteria when determining a project’s score:
1. Design solution answers challenges presented in concept statement. When applicable, use of effective space planning is apparent.
2. Use of design elements (space, texture, light, color, line, form & pattern) and principles of design (unity & harmony, balance, emphasis, rhythm, scale & proportion) are thoughtful and apparent.
3. Visual impact, originality, creativity.
4. Materials, textures, and color composition make sense for the application and work well together.
5. Design enhances the user’s quality of life:  health, safety & welfare.
6. At the judge’s discretion, extra credit may be awarded to a project for an outstanding feature or design element 

Awards are determined by averaging the judging panel’s scores. If a project is awarded enough points, the following honors may be awarded to projects in the Residential and Contract categories: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. In the categories of (1) Product, Furniture, or Design Detail or (2) Student Project, a Distinguished Design honor may be awarded.  

First and foremost, please be sure to remove all firm/designer identification from submissions (photos, drawings, etc.).  Each entry must fulfill all requirements necessary for submission. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of your project awards submission.  Please use an application such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or SlideShare to create your entry packet and then save it as a .PDF.  This format allows for easy viewing of one page after another. Entries should be saved as “Entry__” [insert the entry number assigned to you in the blank]. 

ENTRY PACKET MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: (Click to see Example Entry01 file)

On the first page/slide, list the appropriate category and in brief, bulleted form, answer the following questions:
•    Describe how your design solution impacts the way in which people will experience the finished project.
•    What was the most significant challenge you faced in this project and how did your design solution answer this challenge?

Provide sketches, plans, elevations, and other detailed drawings to communicate your design intent. In the Residential and Contract categories, provide a minimum of four color photos, each saved as a .JPG or .PDF file.  In the Product, Furniture or Design Detail category, provide a minimum of two color photos, each saved as a .JPG or .PDF file. If you include “before” photographs, please label accordingly. Scanned images or photos of materials and finishes should accompany the entry as needed, but do not count toward the required minimum of photographs.

Entries may be purchased online starting May 15, 2020.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES.  Once purchased you will receive an email with your entry number(s).  ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 5:00 PM, JULY 31.

You will need the following information in regards to your entry: 
1. Designer/Team and contact information
2. Category Selection
3. Project Name
4. List all Industry Partners involved in the project (click HERE for current roster)
5. List any other professional who contributed to the construction, design, documentation of the project [architect, contractor, photographer]
6. Publicity Release Form Agreement
    All publications of project awards will be credited as listed; therefore, accuracy is essential. By making a submission and checking the "Yes" box, each entrant certifies that:
   - all information listed is correct and complete. Seeing that there are no errors or unintentional omissions is the sole responsibility of the entrant. NE/IA Chapter ASID assumes no responsibility for incorrect information, copyright, or photography fees.
   - the client and photographer have given permission to publish the photographs and information submitted. (Exceptions will be made only if the entrant notes that the client wishes to remain anonymous. However, their photographs may still be published unless clearly stated otherwise.)
   - permission has been granted for additional photography and gathering of information if needed for publicity purposes.
   - the design concept, as submitted, was created solely by the applicant(s) without assistance from any other persons engaged or employed by the applicant.
7. Upload photo(s) (jpg or png) to be used in the Awards Celebration presentation:
    - one photo for category of (1) Product, Furniture, or Design Detail or (2) Student Project;
    - three photos for all other categories.

All publications of project awards will be credited as listed on the form; therefore, accuracy is essential. By making a submission, each entrant agrees that all information listed is correct and complete. Seeing that there are no errors or unintentional omissions is the sole responsibility of the entrant. NE/IA Chapter ASID will not be responsible for any incorrect information. 

Gather your most creative projects and get ready for entry and submission beginning May 15!

Chapter Celebration

The presentation of awards will take place on Thursday, September 24, 2020, from 12:00 noon to 5:30 pm, along with a celebration of the NE/IA Chapter.  Agenda for the Celebration also includes lunch, annual membership meeting, keynote speaker and reception.

The Chapter Board is underwriting the cost of this year’s Celebration and admission ticket prices are $35  per person, $25  per ID student. Thanks to Edward’s Stone for providing event sponsorship!